Is to create an Empowered Responsible & Caring Community.

How ?

By creating a movement of Young People who have pledged to be responsible. And who have pledged to help others.

Pledge High Five

And embark on a journey where dreams will come true ...

Step 1...

I Pledge to Respect Everyone, Love Everyone and Actively Listen to Everyone
I Pledge to adopt a healthy lifestyle
I Pledge to go to school and complete my education
I Pledge to give back to my community
I Pledge to Love my country and Love Mother Earth

Step 2...

Congratulations !!!
Let us join the Celebration.
And yes we do have a gift for you ...
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Step 3...

Invite your friends to join you

Another Great Idea ...

Once a month
Get together to Motivate each other.
Talk about your Dreams and how to achieve them.
Talk about the obstacles you face and how to overcome them.