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Who can take the pledge ?

Any one who wants to

Who is going to ‘enforce’ the pledge ?

The individual who took the pledge is the one who has to make that PERSONAL commitment.

It will be his or her responsibility to honor the Pledge.

What is the purpose of the pledge?

There are many reasons

  1. To empower each and everyone to do their best
  2. To Create a sense of Community - A Community that nurtures one another and lend a helping hand to each other.
  3. To save lives - we are hoping that as The Pledge High Five Movement spreads all over the country and the world, it’s members will be looked up to. And the unreasonable fears that some people have against one another will dissipate over time.
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What is the Meaning of the Logo ?

High Five is a gesture to indicate that you are happy about an occasion or an accomplishment. Taking the Pledge implies that you are someone the world is going to look up to. And you are someone that is going to help others.

Can I make a donation for this project ?

Yes you can. The initial funding for this is going to come for a non for profit based in the US called AHH (A Helping Hand). Please go to our donation page to make a tax deductible donation.

How can I get a bracelet or a cap ?

Take the pledge. Complete the form. Click here to claim your gift. And we will send you a cap or a bracelet. And if you could afford to please consider making a donation so that we can continue to provide these items with logos free of charge.